10 Bookish Hashtags to Follow On Instagram

Ramona Mead
4 min readJan 24, 2020

The key to enjoying social media (and not feeling like it’s sucking your soul out) is to finely curate what you see. Remember, you are the one who has that power! So unfollow, hide, block, or do whatever else you need to, to keep the negativity out of sight.

If you are a book lover who uses Instagram, there’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered: it’s called Bookstagram! This is the community of folks like myself who not only love books, but write about them, photograph them, and basically gush about them every day!

One way you can fine tune what you see on Instagram is to follow hashtags, as well as individual accounts. This assures you see any posts with that specific tag without necessarily showing everything that user posts.

10 Bookish Hashtags To Follow on Instagram

1. #WhileIWasReading

This is my own tag I created specifically related to my blog. It’s on every single one of my Instagram posts. Some of my friends and readers use it as well. If you follow this hashtag, you definitely won’t miss any of my posts!

2. #CurrentlyReading

This is an obvious one that will keep you up to speed on what books are currently popular.

3. #BookHaul

One of my favorites, this is used to tag a photo of newly acquired books. It’ll be used to show off books received as gifts (like right after Christmas or a birthday) or newly purchased ones. Sometimes I’ll show off a fun stack from a thrift store or library book sale.

4. #MeetTheBookstagrammer

This is a way Bookstagrammers introduce themselves to the community. It’s obvious to do one when you’re first starting out. It’s also a good idea to do one occasionally if you’re steadily gaining new followers — you don’t want anyone to miss out on getting to know you!

5. #BookStack

Bookstagram fun fact: Research has shown that posts featuring multiple books do better than those featuring only one title. This tag signifies the post is a photo of a bunch of books piled on top of each other. Often times they will have a theme, like specific colored spines to acknowledge a holiday, company…

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